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Going Local

I’ve always wanted to travel. (Yeah…sound cliche`  but I think everyone does). Seeing, hearing and reading stories of travellers all over the world make me feel like I wanted to take a huge turning point in my life, leave everything behind and pursue the desire of the heart. However, it doesn’t seem as easy as I could possibly imagine. There are always ‘buts, what ifs, hows, can I really?’ issues entangle me. The biggest question is, do I really have that guts to perform this huge leap of my pretty-laid-back lifestyle? In the end, at the moment of writing this entry, I haven’t reach to the point where I could possibly take the leap. Nonetheless, I don’t want the desire to end just there. I still want to travel, explore, discover, share experiences and of course, write about it to the world. In order not to leave the dream behind, I switch the channel to a different route. Instead of travelling abroad (of which I couldn’t do it at the moment due to financial constraint), I still go travelling, or should I say, go discovering the local attractions. As for this entry, I recently visited 3 of the local attractions near my place with a good friend of mine. First destination was Gaharu Tea Valley. Sounds like tea, huh? However, I guess it wasn’t our luck to be able to enter the valley since it was closed that day due to Chinese New Year celebrations. But Mr. Ragu, the guard there, had been so nice to us that he opened a bit the main door so that we were able to have a peek into the valley. Indeed, it was a nice valley along with a jogging track inside.


Just the entrance…

Initially, I thought it was a tea valley. However, it was actually a Gaharu (Agarwood) tree that they planted in order to make tea. So, that’s why it was called Gaharu Tea Valley.  Since it was closed that day, we haven’t had the chance to try it. Despite that, we are surely coming back.

Next destination was Mee Kari Ami (Ami’s Curry Noodles). Situated in the heart of Sg. Itik Village, this Curry Noodles Shop/Stall is so famous not only to local people but also foreigners. Though I may  live nearby, only now I had the chance to visit the place and have my meals. Mee Kari Ami is actually a small stall built by Aunt Ami’s family. She started selling Curry Noodles back in the 80’s in front of her house. But as time passes by, the business developed a little by little and now, they manage to build a proper stall just beside their house. The range of food offered also expanded. Instead of just having Curry Noodles and Laksa, they even offer a list of appetizing breakfast such as nasi lemak, roti canai, roti bakar and telur separuh masak. Prices for all these meals are cheaper than reasonable and the taste is surely meet the talks around town. We had a great time there and luckily, we had the chance of meeting Aunt Ami herself!

Appetizing Curry Noodle

Appetizing Curry Noodle

Aunt Ami and her daughter.

Aunt Ami and her daughter.

Meals Offered. Enjoy!

Meals Offered. Enjoy!

It was almost midday and there left one more destination in our list. My travelling companion wanted to feed the fish. Yes, feeding the fishes in the middle of 33 C day. Off we went to The Botanical Garden. Botanical Garden is actually a new housing area. Located about 20 minutes from Ipoh Town, inside the Botanical Garden, there is a spot called Eco Park 1. Eco Park 1 offers a nice view of a garden, a jogging track, fish pond as well as worthy scene for garden photography (of course, with excellent creativity, you can have a spectacular photo-taking experience!) So, we went to feed the fish at last. A humble advice when trying to feed the fish: make sure you bring along breads with you since there isn’t any shop or stall that sells anything nearby. As for public toilet, not to worry because it’s available there. The entrance is definitely F.O.C.



Children’s Playground is available



Lonely Umbrella

Lonely Umbrella

Feeding the fish...

Feeding the fish…

There goes our journey, though it may be a local one. Whatever it is, I’m glad that those were all my  experiences visiting local attractions of which they happen to be just around my place and I didn’t realize about it! Wait for my next local journey! Updates assured.